Honda B1237 Code

The Honda B1237 Code is a diagnostic trouble code generated by the car’s onboard computer. This code indicates a “short” in the Passenger’s Air Mix Control Motor Circuit, a communication issue between the Air Mix Control Motor and the Climate Control Unit. This code can have a range of causes, but it is essential to identify the cause of the code so that it can be corrected. This article will explore the potential causes and solutions of the Honda B1237 Code. With the help of this article, you will be able to accurately diagnose and fix the problem to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

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Causes and Solutions of Honda B1237 Code

Cause Solution
Perform the HVAC self-diagnostic function with the HDS Check the wiring and connections for any damage or corrosion.
“Short” in the wires between the Climate Control Unit and the Passenger’s Air Mix Control Motor Replace the wires and connections.
Faulty Passenger’s Air Mix Control Motor Replace the Passenger’s Air Mix Control Motor.
Faulty Climate Control Unit Replace the Climate Control Unit.

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