Ford P2704 Code

When you own a Ford car, and your check engine light is on, it could be due to the Ford P2704 Code. This code is usually associated with the transmission friction element applying time range/performance, meaning the overdrive clutch failed. To diagnose this issue, the DTC P2704 is a non-electrical DTC. The related service bulletins can be found on the NHTSA website. To troubleshoot the problem, it is essential to understand what might be causing the issue and what solutions are available.

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Causes and Solutions for Ford P2704 Code

Causes Solutions
O/D clutch system faults (includes non-electrical SSD faults, valve body, and clutch) Clear the DTC
Transmission Friction Element Apply Time Range/Performance Service Bulletin 20-2185
The overdrive clutch failed off Service Bulletin 20-2226
DTC P0771 and/or P0772 may set Service Bulletin 20-2375
DTC P2704 is a non-electrical DTC Service Bulletin 20-2403
Component: O/D clutch system faults Service Bulletin 21-2044

O/D Clutch System Faults

The Ford P2704 Code is typically associated with O/D clutch system faults. This means that the overdrive clutch failed off, and the transmission friction element applied time range/performance is affected. This could be due to issues with the valve body or the grip. It is essential to understand what might be causing the problem to troubleshoot it.

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Service Bulletins

To diagnose the issue, it is essential to check the related service bulletins. The NHTSA website offers several service bulletins which can help diagnose the problem. These include Service Bulletin 20-2185 for transmission friction element apply time range/performance, Service Bulletin 20-2226 for overdrive clutch failed off, Service Bulletin 20-2375 for DTC P0771 and P0772, Service Bulletin 20-2403 for DTC P2704, and Service Bulletin 21-2044 for component O/D clutch system faults.

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Clearing the DTC

Once the cause of the issue has been identified, the next step is to clear the DTC. This can be done using a scan tool to erase the code and reset the system. This should be done to ensure the code will not be reapplied.

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Conclusion: The Ford P2704 Code

The Ford P2704 Code is a common issue that can occur when the overdrive clutch fails. Understanding the causes and solutions for this code is essential to troubleshoot the problem. Checking the related service bulletins on the NHTSA website can help diagnose the issue, and clearing the DTC with a scan tool can help to ensure that the code will not reappear. With some knowledge and the right tools, you can easily handle the Ford P2704 Code and get your car back on the road.

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