Ford U0131:87 Code

When it comes to Ford vehicles, it can be difficult to diagnose and repair any issues you may be experiencing. The U0131:87 code is one of the most common codes that Ford vehicles experience and can be challenging to diagnose without the right knowledge and resources. The U0131:87 code is defined as “Lost Communication With Power Steering Control Module: Missing Message.” A persistent memory DTC sets in the BCM if messages from the PSCM through the GWM are missing and the failure type is a missing message. In order to best troubleshoot and diagnose this issue, it is important to understand its causes and associated solutions.

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Causes and Solutions for Ford U0131:87 Code

Causes Solutions
Defective Power Steering Control Module Replace the Power Steering Control Module
Faulty wiring or connectors Replace any faulty wiring or connectors
Defective GWM Replace the GWM
Software issue Run a software update on the Power Steering Control Module

Power Steering Control Module

When the U0131:87 code is present, it is often indicative of a defective Power Steering Control Module (PSCM). The PSCM is responsible for controlling all power steering-related functions and processes within the car, so when it is not working correctly, it can cause the U0131:87 code to appear. The best way to fix this issue is to replace the PSCM, which a qualified mechanic can do.

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Faulty Wiring or Connectors

Faulty wiring or connectors can also be the cause of the U0131:87 code. Because the PSCM and GWM communicate through the wiring, any problems with the wiring can prevent the two from communicating correctly. If this is the case, it is essential to replace any faulty wiring or connectors to ensure that the two are able to communicate appropriately.

Defective GWM

The GWM, or Generic Wiring Module, is responsible for controlling the communication between the PSCM and the vehicle’s other systems. When the GWM is defective, it can cause the U0131:87 code to appear. In this case, it is essential to replace the GWM in order to resolve the issue.

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Software Issue

Finally, the U0131:87 code can be caused by a software issue. If a software update is available, running it on the PSCM is recommended to resolve the issue. This can be done by a qualified mechanic with specialized tools and equipment.

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The Ford U0131:87 code can be challenging to diagnose and repair, but understanding its causes and solutions can help to ensure that the issue is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. By replacing the Power Steering Control Module, replacing any faulty wiring or connectors, replacing the GWM, and running a software update, it is possible to fix the Ford U0131:87 code and ensure that the vehicle is running correctly again. For those experiencing the Ford U0131:87 code, it is essential to understand the causes and solutions associated with it in order to troubleshoot best and repair the issue.

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