Chevrolet P0231 Code

If you own a Chevrolet vehicle and have been dealing with the P0231 code, you know the hassle of figuring out the cause and solution to this issue. The P0231 code is defined as a Fuel Pump Feedback Circuit Low Input and usually occurs when the difference between system voltage and the fuel pump feedback signal is more than 4v for 2 seconds. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed as you try to determine the cause of the problem and the best way to solve it. Fortunately, there are many causes and solutions related to the Chevrolet P0231 code, and the following table will provide you with more detailed information.

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Causes and Solutions for Chevrolet P0231 Code

Cause Solution
Fuel pump feedback Circuit 120 is open or shorted to ground Check the wiring and repair any open or shorted circuits
Fuel pump relay power circuit is open, or the relay is damaged Replace the fuel pump relay with a new one
The fuel pump relay control circuit is open or shorted to power Inspect the course for any open or shorted wires and replace them if necessary
PCM is damaged Replace the PCM with a new, compatible model

Troubleshooting the Fuel Pump Feedback Circuit

When the P0231 code is triggered, the first thing to do is check the Fuel Pump Feedback Circuit 120 for any signs of open or short circuits. If any are found, they should be repaired immediately. If the course is in good condition, the next step is to inspect the fuel pump relay power circuit. If it is found to be open or damaged, the fuel pump relay should be replaced with a new one. The fuel pump relay control circuit should also be checked for any loose or shorted wires and replaced if necessary.

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Replacing the PCM

If all the above steps have been taken and the P0231 code persists, the most likely cause is a damaged PCM. The PCM, or Powertrain Control Module, is an essential component in a vehicle’s engine management system, and any damage can cause various issues, including the P0231 code. If the PCM is damaged, it should be replaced with a compatible model designed for the specific make and model of the Chevrolet vehicle.


The P0231 code is a major issue for Chevrolet owners, but fortunately, there are many causes and solutions for the problem. The key is to identify the source of the case and take the necessary steps to repair it. The P0231 code can be resolved through proper troubleshooting and replacements, and the vehicle can be back on the road in no time. Chevrolet P0231 Code can be easily tackled with the right knowledge and tools.

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