Subaru P013B Code

subaru p013b code

Subaru P013B code is an issue that can affect your vehicle’s performance. This code refers to an O2 sensor slow response – lean to rich (Bank 1 Sensor 2) issue. It is caused by a variety of issues such as an open/short or grounded circuit in the harness between the ECM and rear oxygen sensor

Subaru P0353 Code

subaru p0353 code

When a Subaru vehicle presents code P0353, this is a warning that something is wrong with the Ignition Coil C Primary/Secondary Circuit. The code is associated with improper idling and poor driving performance, and it can be caused by several different issues. Understanding the causes of code P0353 is essential for diagnosing and addressing the

Subaru P1088 Code

subaru p1088 code

The Subaru P1088 code is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) associated with engine stalling, erroneous idling, and poor driving performance. This code is triggered by the malfunction of the tumble generator valve position sensor circuit’s low input signal to the engine control module (ECM). This can be caused by various factors, such as checking the

Subaru P0513 Code

subaru p0513 code

Are you having trouble with your Subaru P0513 Code? Incorrect immobilizer key codes can be a major issue for Subaru owners as they can cause a range of problems with the vehicle. Identifying the root cause of the issue can be difficult, but certain steps can be taken to diagnose and correct the problem. In

Subaru P0076 Code

subaru p0076 code

When a Subaru’s P0076 code is triggered, it usually means that the intake valve control circuit is low in Bank 1. This is an issue that can cause erroneous idling and can be quite difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot. Fortunately, a few steps can be taken to identify and resolve the underlying issue. To analyze

Subaru P0102 Code

subaru p0102 code

When a Subaru vehicle is experiencing problems with its engine, one of the most common diagnostic codes that may come up is the P0102 code. Subaru P0102 code indicates a low input problem with the mass or volume air flow circuit. When this code is present, it can lead to improper idling, engine stalls, and

Subaru P0302 Code

subaru p0302 code

When it comes to Subaru P0302 Code, it is a cylinder 2 misfire detected code. This can cause major engine issues such as stalling, improper idling, and rough driving. These issues can start as soon as the engine is started and can worsen when the vehicle reaches a speed of over 3 mph. This code

Subaru P013F Code

subaru p013f code

The Subaru P013F Code is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC), which indicates an issue with the rear O2 sensor and a delayed response when transitioning from lean to rich. This code can cause a variety of topics with your Subaru and can be difficult to diagnose and repair. In this article, we will discuss the

Subaru P0122 Code

subaru p0122 code

Solution: Replace and repair the wiring harness. Replace the electronic throttle control. Replace ECM. Regarding Subaru P0122 Code, it is essential to understand the causes and solutions that can help diagnose and repair the issue. This code relates to the Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch “A” Circuit Low, leading to improper idling, engine stalls, and poor driving

Subaru P1540 Code

subaru p1540 code

When your Subaru car displays the P1540 code, it means that there is a Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction 2. This code is usually triggered when the engine is started, the vehicle is driven at cruise speed under light to medium engine load for two minutes, and the PCM detects irregular VSS signals or incorrect Combination

Subaru P0172 Code

subaru p0172 code

Drivers of Subaru vehicles, such as the Impreza, Legacy, and WRX, may encounter a problem with the P0172 code. This code is a signal that the engine is too rich, or running too lean. The causes for this code can range from loose or damaged exhaust system parts, a clogged fuel line, or defective temperature