GMC C056D 18 Code

gmc c056d 18 code

The GMC C056D 18 Code is an electronic control unit (ECU) hardware low signal amplitude. It is responsible for running the program that detects an internal fault once power up is commanded. This ECU relies on the necessary voltage and ground requirements to successfully run the program and detect malfunctions. This code is caused by

GMC P11CB Code

gmc p11cb code

The GMC P11CB Code is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that can be generated when the engine control module (ECM) receives a serial data message from the NOx Sensor Module that the NOx concentration disagrees with the calculated NOx concentration for greater than 5 seconds. This code can indicate a wide range of issues from

GMC B320A 4B Code

gmc b320a 4b code

The GMC B320A 4B Code is a diagnostic trouble code that indicates a front door window motor calibration not learned. It is often triggered when a power window switch is activated, and can be caused by a loss of voltage in the B+ circuit or an open/high resistance in the serial data circuit. This code

GMC B2600 00 Code

gmc b2600 00 code

An important system in any vehicle is the Daytime Running Lamp Control Circuit, especially in GMC vehicles with the code B2600 00. GMC B2600 00 code ensures that the battery voltage is between 9-16 V and that the headlamp switch is in AUTO. The malfunction of this system can be caused by a short voltage

GMC P0315 Code

gmc p0315 code

When it comes to GMC vehicles, the P0315 code is an important one to recognize. The GMC P0315 code stands for Crankshaft Position System Variation Not Learned, and it is a code set when the engine speed is between 900-1,900 RPM and the ECM is in fuel shut-off or decel fuel cut-off mode. The Diagnostic

GMC P0751 Code

gmc p0751 code

Vehicle owners should be aware of the GMC P0751 code, as it can indicate an issue with the transmission. This code is associated with the transmission control module (TCM). When the TCM detects a problem with the news, the P0751 code will be triggered. The following table provides some background information about the GMC P0751