Acura P0761 Code

acura p0761 code

The Acura P0761 code is a common fault code that can indicate a serious transmission issue with Acura vehicles. This code has been defined as a shift solenoid valve C Stuck OFF, and is characterized by the execution of continuous duration time of 20 seconds and an improper gear ratio output compared to the predetermined

Acura P0342 Code

acura p0342 code

If you have an Acura vehicle and are getting a P0342 code, the Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Low Input has been detected. This can be caused by various issues, ranging from a CMP sensor power circuit open between the sensor and the PCM to a CMP sensor signal circuit being shorted to ground. It is

Acura P2647 Code

acura p2647 code

Check for low oil level, low oil pressure, open in the wire between the rocker arm oil pressure switch and ground, poor connections or loose terminals at the rocker arm oil pressure switch, the rocker arm oil control solenoid, and the PCM, the open circuit between the PCM and the rocker arm oil pressure switch,